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First photos of Hungarian site trials

Click here to see the first photos of Hungarian site trials which started in September.

D5.1 published

Description of robuMASTER prototype, download here

Demo at Fondation Hospitalière Sainte-Marie

On September 28h, 2011, a presentation was done of the “Kompaï” robot resulting from Domeo project. It was held at the Fondation Hospitalière Sainte Marie in Paris, which goal is to bring innovative answers to specific needs to disabled adults, elderly dependent persons and also to weaken children.
This demonstration was based on a scenario which shows the functionalities of Kompaï, such as autonomous movement of the robot, doubt removal through Lokarria, video communication or assistance in the daily life.
More than 10 people were present at the demonstration. It was essentially people who work daily at the Fondation (speech therapist, physical therapist and occupational therapist) and the Professor Gilles Kemoun, Director of the medical policy and the care network of the Fondation, who was one of the initiator of this meeting.
In the end, it was really interesting to see that after only two hours of demonstration, people from the Fondation quickly adapted themselves to the system by pointing out the advantages that the system could bring and began to imagine new applications originally from their own experience. They suggested us to work closely with health professionals (in particular with occupational therapist) in order to enhance and better adapt the system.

DOMEO project at AAL Forum 2011

Domeo project was showcased at the AAL Forum, held from September 26th to 28th in Lecce, Italy. We took this opportunity to introduce the project to the attendants, among the most active personalities in the field of ageing well through innovation across Europe.
We would like to thank all visitors who passed by the booth for their overall very good feedback!
The project was also put to contribution during a talk organized and held by Pr. Atta Badii (University of Reading, UK), on social robotics and experiences with end users, alongside with other AAL projects to present insights arising from trialing and evaluation of social and companion robots with real end-users.


Video of AAL-DOMEO site trials chosen scenarios

In this 15 mn video, we show the scenarios developed and implemented in the AAL project DOMEO.
Site trials, based on the developed functions, with real people in real homes, have started in September 2011.