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D4.0 published

Description of robuMATE is available here

Revision 2 of Recommendations for Service Implementation

Revision 2 of document D1.3 is available (becomes public)

DOMEO will attend 2011 AAL Forum

Visit us at AAL Forum, Lecce Italy, Sept. 26th-28th 2011

More at : www.aalforum.eu

Download poster here

Revision 2 of Project Quality Plan

The D0.1 document becomes public.

Watch preview of robuMATE-Kompaï on Euronews

See Kompaï on Euronews, from Feb 28th, 2011 among other innovations developed thanks to EC support. This a preview of the forthcoming program.

Euronews : http://www.euronews.net/
Sponsored by : http://ec.europa.eu/research/home.cfm