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Video of first home trials

Click here to watch the video of very first field trials carried out in Hungary.

Learn about first home trials

Download Gabor Fazekas's presentation at AAL Forum 2012, presenting the very first results of using KompaÏ robot at home with real people (average age over 81). A total of almost 300 operational days.

DOMEO @ Microsoft Techdays

We have been invited to present the DOMEO project and the Kompaï robot at Microsoft Techdays, Paris, Feb 9th.

Watch the full presentation (7 mn, in French) at :

This presentation was a great success, almost 4,000 persons attended !

D7.2.1.1 : French Deployment Report

One Kompaï was deployed in France as part of the field tests. The aim of the deployment was to answer the needs of two elderly people with motor and cognitive impairment and help their main caregiver in her task. The definition of the required service was refined with the main caregiver. Technical deployment was done:

1-according to ethical reflections,

2- as if it was deployed as part of an operational service. Deployment was considered finished when the minimal requirements to
provide the service as defined with the users were fulfilled.

Download the whole report in the dissemination section, public delivrables.

robuWALKER ready for trials

Click here to see the robuWALKER now available for trials starting in a few weeks ...