Meditech, SME

Meditech logoThe company will bring into the project developing and implementing software and hardware modules for the RobuWalker.

Meditech develops, integrates, and delivers complete solutions in the fields of biomedical signal recording and evaluation, including telemedicine solutions. Meditech is a limited company, registered and located in Budapest, Hungary.

Meditech R&D department is supporting the company commercial interests, having developed each products of the company, including the bluetooth devices as well as the PC based user software or application for smart phones or PDAs.

Providing design of physical interface systems, system integration, wireless sensor networks, and bluetooth technologies.

Inputs todeveloping and implementing software and hardware tools for the design of electronical devices, fabrication and control of physical interface devices.

Skills Development of complete solutions in the fields of medical sensors and analysis of biomedical signals. Informatics, directed to a broad range of business sectors and specifically in the medical domain.

Exploits : providing solutions for biomedical sensors and for evaluation of biomedical data.