BME, research University, robotics and biomedical technology specialist

BME logoBME, research University, robotics and biomedical technology specialist

The university is the largest technological education institute of Hungary with significant track of record on biomedical, rehabilitation robotics, sensor, signal processing, e-health, tele-medicine and assistive technologies. The work in the DOMEO project is performed by the Department of Manufacturing Science and Engineering. The department is active in the frontiers of national, European and international projects, the track record of EU projects spans cca. 20 FP4, FP5, FP6 and FP7 projects.

Role in DOMEO

BME contributes to the laboratory tests of the robot, which among others includes the customisation of the robots to the particulars of the local field test including the Hungarian speech recognition and synthesis. BME act as local technical support provider during the field test that means provision of 24 hours technical support to the robots deployed in Hungary. Through BME PI’s membership of ISO Working Groups on robotics safety BME actively interacts between the project and the mainstreams of the emerging service robotics safety issues.