NIMR logo The National Institute for Medical Rehabilitation (NIMR) is the leading rehabilitation institute in Hungary. It was established in 1975. It has 400 beds for in-patients, a day-time hospital and several out-patient services. It has an own orthopaedic workshop and a research programme for using advanced technologies in rehabilitation. NIMR took part at projects of the 5th Framework Programme of the European Union: the “Reharob-project” and “The measurement of quality of life in older adults and its relationship to healthy ageing” as well as at the “Alladin-project” of the 6th Framework Programme. In Hungary the education of specialists in Rehabilitation Medicine is based on NIMR. The Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine of Semmelweis University is located here. The Institute takes part at the education of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, somato-pedagogues and nurses as well. The Institute has new central building; the conditions for patient care and research are really excellent.

Role in DOMEO

NIMR’s role in DOMEO-project are as follows: surveying users’ requirements, supporting development, executing laboratory tests, preparing investigation plan, gaining ethical approval, deployment of the robot in the end-users’ home, conducting field tests at home of the end-users and procession of the results. NIMR is the work package leader of the field tests.