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Bidart Oct 15th, 2012 : 30 students between 16 and 18 years old from a Lycée Professional came to attend a demonstration to discover Kompaï. They were very impressed by its functions especially the voice recognition and by its ability to  move by itself just by vocal command. The fact that it's connected to the internet permanently allowing access to all the services offered by it as their smartphone particularly seduced them. Finally, its function to prevent the doctor on request or by pressing its "SOS" button which allows the doctor to contact immediately the person via a video conference and being able to take control of Kompaï remotely amazed them. In conclusion Kompaï was a hit!


DOMEO and Kompaï at AAL JP Event, European Pärliament, Oct 15th 2012



the first robuWALKER for trials, Nov 2011

Domeo presented at INNOROBO 2012, Lyon France, March 14 to 16th, 2012

First site Trials in Hungary, Sept 2011